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Our Specialisations


Travel Nurses:
A Travel Nurse is a healthcare worker who is responsible for going to different locations in order to provide care and assistance.
Physician assistants & CRNA
works under the supervision of a doctor or anaesthesiologist to ensure the safe administration of anaesthesia. A nurse anaesthetist will also provide pain management, stabilization services, and oversee patients' recovery.
Specialist Physician’s
Assessing and diagnosing patients in our clinic and providing them with healthcare services that meet state and national standards for caregiving. They will be responsible for prescribing patients with appropriate medication.
Medical Practitioner
Medical practitioners diagnose physical and mental illnesses, disorders, and injuries, and prescribe medications and treatment to promote or restore good health.
As a surgeon, you'll perform operations by cutting open a patient's body to repair, remove or replace the diseased or damaged part. As well as operating, you'll carry outward rounds and outpatients clinics and will take on a range of administrative duties and teaching responsibilities.
Medical Imaging
Medical imaging encompasses technologies like ultrasonography, x-rays, mammography, computed tomography (CT scans), and nuclear medicine.

The use of diagnostic imaging services is essential in confirming, assessing, and documenting the course of many diseases and response to treatment.

Share responsibility for all clinical services provided by the pharmacy, to include, but not limited to, anticoagulation clinic, rheumatology service, diabetes monitoring, chemotherapy service, etc., for inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care settings.
Medical & Lab Technicians
skilled in conducting laboratory tests and responsible for the initiation of the treatment process by observing symptoms and subsequently aid in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease. Collect samples and perform tests to support doctors and other medical professionals as they detect diseases and treat patients.

Non Clinical

Clerical or registration clerk
A registration clerk is liable for performing regulatory and administrative undertakings for patients' confirmation in a medical services setting. Enlistment agents help patients with finishing up emergency clinic structures, checking their clinical accounts, and affirming their protection subtleties.
Front office executive
Picking up the telephone, taking messages and diverting calls to separate workplaces. putting together and keeping up with documents and records and refreshing them when vital. making and keeping up with refreshed archives and bookkeeping sheets. directing the arranging and conveyance of approaching sends.
Handling calls, getting, and coordinating guests, word handling, making calculation sheets and introductions, and recording. Also, heads are much of the time answerable for office undertakings and errands, as well as supervising crafted by junior administrator staff.
Case Managers
Planning and giving consideration that is protected, ideal, compelling, effective, and client focused. Dealing with case tasks, draft administration plans, audit case progress and decide case conclusion. Assisting clients with accomplishing wellbeing and independence.
Data entry clerk
An Information Passage Representative is an expert liable for moving paper designs into PC documents or data set frameworks. They handle composing in client data gave straightforwardly into an electronic configuration, making accounting sheets with enormous quantities of figures.
House keeping
House Keepers are answerable for cleaning and announcing any security risks to the mortgage holder or chief in control.
Human Resource
Human Resources is liable for dealing with each part of the business interaction, including direction and preparing new staff individuals. They additionally help with finance the board, so workers accept their checks on time.
Information Technology
Proficient who is answerable for introducing, keeping up with and fixing equipment and programming parts of the association's PCs. They additionally support these frameworks through remote access or site visits on a case by case basis by supervisory crews inside their organization.
Mail room
Processes and weighs active mail. Keeps up with records of receipt, mailing dates, and other required data. Renews postage on the postage meter on a case by case basis. Stocks supplies required for the sorting room.
Medical Coders
Examines clinical records and distinguishes documentation inadequacies. Fills in as asset and educated authority to other coding staff. Surveys and confirms documentation upholds determinations, systems and treatment results.
Medical billers
A clinical biller is liable for taking care of and moving patient data, accommodation of cases to insurance agency, and furthermore guarantees that the instalments for clinical benefits are gotten as soon a possible.
Patient escort
A patient escort works one-on-one with a patient to deal with their nearby necessities while liberating clinical staff to treat others in their consideration. Your obligations incorporate the vehicle of a patient starting with one unit or area then onto the next. You may likewise move people from a wheelchair to a bed as well as the other way around.
Social workers
Social specialists give counsel, backing and assets to people and families to assist them with taking care of their concerns. Social laborers work with explicit gatherings of clients, including kids, the old and families in emergency, and assist them with taking care of the issues they're confronting.
Nonclinical nurses
Non-clinical roles are those which do not provide any type of medical treatment or testing. Some non-clinical workers do interact with patients but do not actually provide medical care.
Chart review
chart review jobs focus on performing medical record reviews. As a chart review nurse, you review patient healthcare information and records.
Managed care
Managed care facilitators work with interchanges between clinical offices, insurance agency and patients. They are liable for guaranteeing that clinical benefits are approved and that administrative rules are kept